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Medical (Medical) Oncology

Medical oncology means the treatment of cancer with drugs (chemotherapy). In other words, the branch of science dealing with chemotherapy is called medical oncology. However, it is not only limited to cancer treatment, but also deals with cancer prevention, cancer screening and early diagnosis of cancer.


In any period of life in the body and for any reason, cells in tissues and organs can multiply indefinitely by not complying with the biological rules they must comply with. The mass or group of abnormal cells containing these characteristics is called a tumor (benign mass) or neoplasm-cancer (malignant mass). Cancer refers to more malignant (malignant) tumors.

Aesthetic (Cosmetic-Plastic) Surgery

Aesthetic surgery can be considered as a sub-branch of plastic surgery. Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery is the surgical procedure that defines the restructuring and shaping of various formations in the body, the elimination of tissue losses, the change of its characteristics and all kinds of aesthetic interventions.


The cardiovascular (cardiovascular) system is one of the most important vital structures of the human body. This system is involved in pumping and transporting blood to all organs and tissues of the body. Therefore, it is extremely important to fulfill this function. owever, for various reasons, the heart may become unable to pump the blood that the body needs.


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