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The Healthtourkey Experience?

Healthtourkey We are a health tourism company based in Istanbul, whose main field of activity is to organize the treatment processes of patients outside of Turkey and works in this direction.

Reasons for Choosing Healthtourkey?

Both the founders and all of the managers of Healthtourkey are doctors or professionals with health service experience.

Healthtourkey Reliability?

Our company, which was founded in Istanbul in 2010 by four medical doctors who have more than 20 years of experience in medicine and spent years professionally in the health sector, offers health services in different fields in Turkey.

Healthtourkey Authorization Documents?

Healthtourkey It has all the necessary authorization documents to mediate the treatment of patients in Turkey. We have the "International Health Tourism Intermediary Institution Authorization Certificate"

Healthtourkey Work?

In the first stage; After receiving the information/tests/assays of our patients from the patient, a preliminary evaluation is made by the consultant doctors . Then, the treatment process is determined by consultation with doctors who are specialized in the field of the disease.

Healthtourkey Treatment Planning?

Our company, whose motto is "The Key to Health", provides services to its patients with its strong and experienced healthcare and technical team; provides accurate, fast, reliable, quality health care at affordable prices.

Healthtourkey Non-Therapeutic Services?

Druzheal organizes all the services below, upon the request of the patient, apart from the treatment of his patients;

How to Separate the Healthtourkey from its Equivalents?

Healthtourkey; It ensures that all processes work perfectly from start to finish for patients, clients and business partners. It has a strong organizational infrastructure to achieve this. in more than 70 specialized; watch our young, dynamic, qualified and experienced team , we offer our services on a 24/7 basis.