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Refractive Disorders (Refraction Errors)
A refractive error is a problem with accurately focusing light on the retina due to the structure of the eye. The most common types of refractive errors are myopia (distance vision problem), hyperopia (near vision problem), astigmatism (distance and near vision problem) and presbyopia (sensory vision problem due to old age ) . It is estimated that the number of people with refractive errors in the world is around two billion. Nearsightedness is the most common ailment.
Contact lenses: Contact lenses are ocular prosthetic devices used by more than 150 million people around the world. The reasons for using contact lenses are as follows;
  • Treatment ( myopia , hyperopia and astigmatism )
  • Vision rehabilitation (for corneal irregularities and after surgery)
  • For cosmetic purposes (colored lenses)

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