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Medical Aesthetic

What is Medical Aesthetics?
In its shortest definition, medical aesthetics is a medical intervention made to the entire skin (skin), mostly the facial area, by a physician. Medical aesthetics has two main purposes. These;
  • It is the repair of skin wear (aging) and/or rejuvenation-treatment of the skin due to various factors such as genetic factors, environmental effects, aging, poor or inadequate nutrition, smoking, and stress.
  • Even if there is no wear (aging-wrinkle) on the skin, in case of discomfort from the appearance or shape of the skin, the contour of the relevant body area is corrected (proportioned) and the skin disorder is eliminated.
Medical aesthetic procedures have some advantages over surgical procedures. The reasons why medical aesthetic procedures are preferred so much today are as follows;
  • Unlike surgical procedures, all applications are reversible. In other words, if the application is not repeated, the skin will return to its original state within a few months.
  • The application time is very short compared to surgical procedures.
  • For many applications, even local anesthesia is not required.
  • Recovery time (as it does not require surgery) is very short.
  • Skin integrity is either not impaired at all or very little. But there is absolutely no trace of the transaction.
  • Unlike surgical procedures, medical aesthetic procedures can be performed for all age groups.
  • Since general anesthesia is not required for the application, naturally, side effects of anesthesia are not experienced.
  • Applications are more practical and painless than surgical procedures.
  • Applications are usually made directly to the skin or under the skin by cannula or injections.
  • Since the application does not cost surgery, it is very economical.
  • Side effects are extremely low. Side effects that may be seen are easier to tolerate.

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