HealTourkey - Pediatric Surgery (Pediatric Surgery)
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Pediatric Surgery (Pediatric Surgery)
Pediatric surgery with its shortest definition; These are surgical interventions applied to children aged 0-18 who cannot be treated with other treatment methods. These procedures that require surgery in children can occur in two different ways: known before birth and/or acquired after birth due to some diseases and traumas. Children`s developing body anatomy and physiology, hormonal metabolism, body resistance related to the immune system, mental psychology are different from adults. Therefore, surgical operations performed in childhood should be planned considering these characteristics of children. Pediatric surgical procedures are performed either as closed or open surgeries, depending on the type of disease present.
Head and Neck surgery
Problems that occur in the head and neck of patients in the pediatric age group are either congenital or acquired masses. Head and neck masses are usually benign. These masses have many causes such as infection, tissue edema, tissue residues and cysts that should disappear with birth, lymph node enlargements, and benign tumors. The most common of these masses are benign adenoids and enlarged tonsils.
Childhood Respiratory Diseases
There are many types of respiratory system diseases seen in childhood. Foreign bodies escaping into the trachea, trachea diseases, lung and thoracic cage diseases are included in this group.
Childhood Digestive System Diseases
Diseases such as gastric stenosis, small intestine obstruction, inflammatory bowel diseases, fistula or crack in the anus, umbilical and inguinal hernia, hemorrhoids, ulcers, reflux, liver cysts, polyp tumors are included in this group. Digestive system diseases, which are common in childhood, are in the group of diseases that may require surgical intervention.
Childhood Hormonal Diseases
Some diseases can be seen in children from time to time due to hormonal disorders. Pancreas, thyroid and adrenal gland diseases are in this group.
Childhood Cancer Diseases
Cancer affects all age groups as well as children. Soft tissue, lung, testis, ovary, lymph node, kidney and liver tumors are included in this group.