HealTourkey - Aesthetic (Cosmetic-Plastic) Surgery
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Aesthetic (Cosmetic-Plastic) Surgery
Aesthetic surgery can be considered as a sub-branch of plastic surgery. Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery is the surgical procedure that defines the restructuring and shaping of various formations in the body, the elimination of tissue losses, the change of its characteristics and all kinds of aesthetic interventions. Within the scope of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery procedures; Reconstructive surgery, head and face surgery, hand surgery, hand transplant, microsurgery, burn treatment, pediatric plastic surgery are included. Reconstructive surgery; It repairs all kinds of congenital or acquired tissue and organ loss due to trauma and diseases affecting the skin, subcutaneous and bones on the entire body surface with tissues similar to it. In these procedures, it is aimed to improve the lost body functions while performing the correction processes.

Aesthetic-cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is the procedure performed to make the physical appearance of the body more beautiful and perfect without harming the function. The main goal of this process; to increase aesthetic appeal, to provide proportion and symmetry in the relevant region. Sometimes, while aesthetic concerns are eliminated, some health problems are also eliminated with this method.