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Health Check-Up

What is Check-up?
Check-up is a large-scale health screening performed on healthy and/or sick people with laboratory tests, examinations and doctor`s examinations. Check-up; It means taking care of one`s health and therefore valuing himself. Check-up, which will be done regularly at certain periods, ensures that your quality of life is high and that your health is protected. It is possible to detect many problems that may affect your health in the coming years, thanks to check-up.
When is the check-up done?
Many diseases that progress insidiously without causing symptoms or complaints can be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment thanks to check-up. Therefore, without waiting for any symptoms or discomfort; It is extremely important for all individuals to have regular check-ups once a year. More frequent check- ups are recommended for those who have genetic risk factors (cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases) , those who are in the risk group due to chronic and other hereditary diseases, and those who work under a busy lifestyle and stress.
How is Check-up done?
Check-up; It is planned according to the age, gender, height and weight of the person, personal health status, past health history, drugs used if any, genetic characteristics, lifestyle, diet, habits and other risk factors. According to this; Evaluation is made in line with the doctor`s interview with the applicant, laboratory results and radiological examinations. Then, a detailed physical examination of the person is made and the findings, if any, are recorded. Further tests and examinations are carried out regarding the detected disease or diseases. Preventive measures are planned and necessary treatments are made.
What is the Purpose of Check-up?
Check-up is generally done for the following purposes;
  • In the sign of various parameters such as general health status, age, comorbidities, lifestyle, potential risk factors; It provides evaluation by applying specified screening tests.
  • It reveals whether there is a health problem that does not show any symptoms yet, and if there is, it ensures that it is diagnosed in the early period and necessary precautions are taken.
  • It determines the risk status for important diseases that are likely to occur.
  • It provides control, follow-up and management of existing health problems.
Check-up answers the following questions about your health;
  • Do you have any blood disease in your body? Do you have a clotting disorder in your blood?
  • Are you at risk of having a heart attack? Do you have any problems with your heart valves? Do you have any blockage in your heart vessels?
  • How is your blood pressure? Do you have high or low blood pressure?
  • How is your blood fat level? Are your cholesterol and triglyceride levels normal?
  • Are you diabetic? Do you have diabetes risk?
  • Do you have insulin resistance that paves the way for many diseases?
  • Does your pancreatic gland, which regulates sugar level, work normally?
  • Are there any pathologies such as masses or infections in your lungs?
  • Its deficiency causes anemia; Are your blood iron and iron store levels normal?
  • Do you have inflammation and fat in your liver?
  • Are your kidneys working normally?
  • Are your minerals such as sodium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, which provide many balances in your body, at normal values?
  • Body`s bone metabolism ; Is your calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D at the required level?
  • In case of missing; How are your Vitamin B12 and folic acid levels, which cause forgetfulness, numbness in hands and feet, and anemia?
  • Is your thyroid hormone level normal?
  • Are your adrenal glands functioning normally?
  • Do you have stones, sand or infection in your urinary tract or bladder?
  • Are there any stones or masses in your gallbladder or bile duct?